You Should Know How To Activate The Electrical Installation For The First Time

After all the preparations have been done, turn off the MCB on the meter and you just have to replace the old cable with the new cable, starting from the point of light, the light switch and the socket that has become the target. After that, the last action is to work on the old cable switch with the new one on each MCB unit in its box. After the cable replacement in the MCB box is finished, turn on the MCB again. If everything is done according to the color arrangement of the wire wrapper from the old cable, I don’t think there will be a problem. Although if you do encounter a problem, just hire the best electrical services singapore

Next, just work on replacing the rest of the socket and the light switch that has not been replaced ( the ones that still connected to the old cable line).

Using this method, the most important thing is when “switching” the old cable installation to the new cable. Try to use this method before disconnecting the old cable and replace it with the new one at each stop, switch, and light point; it’s because you must prepare everything carefully. The methods of installation, equipment, and whatever requirements are all important to do the work so that it can run as easy and short as possible and not to disturb the daily activities of other residents of the house. No need to rush or impose all new stop points/light switches to be connected on the same day. Prioritize every room/area where there is one switch plus light point and socket that can be used if needed.

After all the rest of the work is completed, you can strip the old cable step by step or all at once. Be careful when stripping the old cable, do not to be confused with the new one.