You Need These Basic Tips For Holding A Seminar

A good seminar will always attract a lot of people, and seminars are trending among young people today. Furthermore, seminars with a high budget can be a lot more interesting, due to they may invite famous speakers for the main event, as well as presenting high-class entertainment and sophisticated 3D Projection Mapping for a little bit of entertainment. This certainly becomes a good opportunity for the event organizer business owners. However, not all seminars can be successful. Therefore, you need to know the basic tips that can help you arrange a successful seminar.

You may read the tips below:

Interesting theme

A theme that is “hot” in the community will certainly be very interesting to attend. This theme will determine the target of the seminar participants if the target has not been determined. If it has, of course, the theme must be adjusted to the interest of the targets


If the theme is interesting but the resource person is unknown or incompetent, of course, it’s useless. The resource person must fulfill some of the main requirements for a successful seminar. The resource person must be qualified, have experience in talking about the themes to be discussed, appropriate educational background, popularity and position or position. Most prospective seminar participants are interested in coming generally influenced by the popularity of the seminar’s speakers. The more popular the speakers, the higher the level of participants present.


In order for many registrants to meet their targets, certainly, a seminar promo must be vigorous. Seminars usually promote using radio media. Besides that, promos on social media are also very effective to do. However, the planned promos, the media used, and the strategies implemented must be in accordance with the theme and target of the seminar itself.


Kit seminars in bona fide seminars certainly provide all the needs of the participants. Starting from stationery to wifi for their laptops and gadgets. The tools provided must be indeed useful and used by participants in the seminar. Jangang is too excessive and not too little which can cause a stingy impression. Other necessities and facilities that need to be considered are snacks, drinks, toilets, prayer rooms, and maybe a smoking area.