You Must Know These Tips Before You Make Casting Concrete

The first thing you need to pay attention to in concrete work is preparation. Before starting the concrete casting process, make sure you have determined the mold design, the desired concrete structure, and the dimensions of the parts to be cast with concrete. This can help you determine the amount of concrete and the area of the mold or formwork needed, so you can avoid the risk of concrete shortages or excesses. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a reliable building inspector near your area, you may call the Special Inspections in Yorba Linda CA.

You must use a decent formwork board

Apart from paying attention to the number and area of the mold or formwork board, you also need to pay attention to the condition of the formwork board used. A good formwork board does not have to be a new board, but a quality board. Choose a board that is still strong, not cracked or damaged, and clean the surface. The use of boards that are not clean can result in cast concrete construction risk of being porous.

You need to make sure that the mold is filled perfectly

After finishing pouring the concrete mix until it meets the mold, do not immediately let the concrete cast dry. Make sure the mold is fully filled first by tapping the formwork board using a hammer several times, or use a vibrator machine if you are working on a large scale construction. This needs to be done to avoid the presence of cavities in cast concrete which can reduce the quality of concrete construction results.

Don’t remove the formwork board too early

After pouring the concrete into the mold, make sure you let the concrete dry completely before removing the formwork board. Concrete that has not been completely dry has not been able to withstand its own load so that it can cause construction results that are not optimal. The safe time to release formwork is about 30 days after the start of the casting process.

Make sure you clean the remaining cast concrete as fast as possible

You need to make sure to clean the remaining cast concrete immediately after finishing compacting and leveling the cast because the remaining cast concrete that has dried will be difficult to clean.