Actually, what is the difference between VPS and hosting? Isn’t it the same as a storage area? Indeed, VPS and hosting are basically the same. Because the principle is the same as data storage on the web, AlaVPS Free Hosting and hosting are often equated by some people. However, there is still a difference between the two terms. Then, what’s the difference?

On a VPS, you will get root access. What is the point? This root access is very useful when you have to tinker with your VPS. You can set up the server as you wish. You won’t get root access if you use hosting. So, you won’t be able to tamper with the server as you wish. The second difference is the need for resources. You can choose RAM, bandwidth, SSD storage capacity, and CPU cores according to your wishes because you have root access. Compared to hosting, you will find it difficult to choose the resource that suits you. Finally, you can install the operating system on a VPS. Since a VPS is a virtual “computer” capable of tampering with servers with root access, you can install the operating system that suits you. You won’t be able to do that if you use hosting.

So, why you should use VPS instead of hosting is stability, access control, energy-friendly, and a reasonable price.

The first advantage of a VPS is stability. If you use shared hosting, the stability of your website will be affected by other websites that are on the same server. This means that when one website is slow, other websites will tend to be slow too. It’s different if a VPS. Even though it is one server, each VPS will be isolated from other VPS. So, the stability of one website will not be affected by another website.

The second reason why you have to use a VPS is access control. It was explained above that the advantages of a VPS are root access. With root access, you can perform any activity on the server. You can tinker with the server, you can install your own operating system, and so on. Compare it to shared hosting, which you can only use but can’t play with.


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