Why Location Is Important to Consider When Choosing VPS Hosting

It’s wrong if you think the server location is not important. Because significantly this may affect server performance in several ways, then read on to the VPS location. Why is VPS Location Important to determine even before choosing vps hosting? Here are some reasons why private virtual server locations are important:

Network Speed

If the virtual private server is located in a foreign country, this will slow the network speed as internet traffic in the main priority state rather than the foreign connection. This will cause the user to experience slow loading on the page, error, and timeout messages. It’s a good choice to take advantage of VPS providers with International CDN services and the largest hosting network infrastructure.

Cost Factor

VPS service fees are determined by location. The reason, because the server requires maintenance in a cold environment. To ensure that VPS works efficiently and high-end cooling systems in data centers deliver utility bills.

This electricity cost will be adjusted in service cost, thus making the service price high. However, if the data center is located in a cool place, the electricity bill may be negligible and the service price is relatively low.

SEO results

Website location is an important aspect because it is in the Google search engine to build search rankings. For example, if a search starts from the US, then the US site becomes first place. In this case, your chance to be number one on search engines can’t be determined, if your site is hosted in another country. This problem can be fixed by selecting the primary destination country in the Google Webmaster Tools account.

Customer Support

This is important because it ensures that customer support services are available when you need them. It’s unpredictable when technical issues arise. If the virtual server is in a country with a different time zone, you may not be able to reach it, due to time zone differences. In case ni provider will offer 24 × 7 support for clients.


Speech or language in each country will be different. If the VPS is hosted in a foreign country, you should make sure that support contacts are available in an understandable language.