Why Data Room Benefit from Virtual System

No matter how many companies and businesses that still use conventional data room or the physical one, you must turn to virtual data rooms. Perhaps you still ask why you must deal with such online data storage while you can cut the cost of storage need when using physical data room. Currently, almost all companies, especially those whose business units rely on IT infrastructure, are starting to think about moving from the Physical Infrastructure Model to the Virtual Infrastructure Model. Even in some projects, I handle which previously used physical infrastructure have started thinking to migrate to virtualization model.

In essence, virtualization is a technology that allows a physical infrastructure transformed into a software/file, perhaps from here comes the term software-defined data center. Well, the next question is anything that can be transformed into software/files?
Some platforms are usually able to transform the following device into a file/software:
– Memory / RAM
– Disk
– Switch

Even now some platforms are able to transform the router into a file/software. Imagine the potential of virtualization in the future if the router and all its routing features can be used as virtual machines, possibly the demand for future physical routers will decrease considerably.

You can run 10 OS simultaneously at a time on a single server. In short, you can create 10 web servers with only one server. What are your advantages to migrating from this physical to virtual model?

– The cost is much cheaper when compared to physical model
– Easy if you want to build redundancy
– Easier management

In addition, by using virtualization means you also contribute in energy savings, because electricity consumption is much less than the physical model. This means you have the chance to save much more money, which you can realize when choosing the right virtual data room provider.