What To Know About The Use Of Keywords For SEO Campaign

SEO or search engine optimization is an approach technique commonly applied by internet business people, web admin or social media admin with the aim of placing sites or online stores in a better position in search engines. At least there are several SEO factors that must be known to reach the top position in search engines. Do want to see how SEO Cherry works for your business?

The position of search results involves the search engine logarithms designed by developers, for example, Google that develops logarithms with various names.

Keyword Selection

The keyword selection is a mandatory element that must be fulfilled before applying other techniques. Keywords are like a homeowner’s name. Without a name, no one can find the house. Sites without keywords can almost certainly be the site that gets visitors the wrong address. Accurate recognition of keywords is a Google logarithm that will not change, if it is omitted, many people who search for prescription information will find a cure for eye pain.

Keyword Search Volume

The second factor that is not less important is the volume of keyword searches. After deciding on the right keywords, then there must be sure that these keywords are indeed sought by people. That these keywords are really needed by people out there. Incorrect analysis of a keyword can result in your work being wasted. It would be useless if your site is in the first position if you type in those keywords, only 10 or 20 people in one month.


An important factor in the next SEO is Linklink. Backlinks are the life of a site, the amount and diversity of backlinks determine the popularity of the site. In general, people can gather backlinks in different ways. The first way you can try out is sharing the URL of the article or main page to social networks. There are hundreds of social networks that can we can use including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on.

Why are backlinks considered to have an influence on the position of the site in search engines? Because Google’s logarithm will only display sites with a good level of popularity, the popularity level is judged by how many backlinks to the site.