What To Consider In Choosing Bowstring Material

Compound bow strings that best suitable for your compound bow will depend on the material it’s made from. But before we compare materials used in making compound bow strings you need to know what creep is. Creep is a problem that you might get if you don’t maintain your bowstrings good enough or simply choosing the wrong material. Creep is the situation when the string is elongated and the process could not be reversed. Creep is different with a stretch because the stretch is elasticity and could be recovered. When your string creeps, the only thing you need to do is replace it or your compound bow will not be functioning on its prime condition and your performance affected. So when choosing material best for bowstring you have to make sure the material has no creep.
There are two most popular choices for bow strings they are Vectran and Dyneema. There are many strings that made of 100% Dyneema or Vectran and both have no creep. The only difference is both have an effect on speed an arrow. The Vectran material has proven to give slower speed on arrow while the Dyneema provide more speed, so if you want speed you could choose Dyneema but if you want to practice more you could choose the veteran. However, there are many products that blend these materials that are proven to be the best material for compound bow strings such as BCY-X, 452X or the 450 plus.
However, no matter how good the material you choose, you need to maintain your bow string and check your archery equipment regularly. Even when the BCY-X string already well lubricated with wax, after time it could wear off so don’t forget to wax your strings. And no matter how tough the material of your string, it will start getting fuzzy and fray after time and when it happens, it’s time to change your string.