What Does Physiotherapy Treat Forms Look Like?

Perhaps you are wondering how a physiotherapist treats patients with the above health problems. Clearly, treatment using this method requires active and disciplined patient involvement. Therefore, the physiotherapist will perform an examination of your illness, diagnose it, and help you understand the problems that arise in your body. Physiotherapy requires your seriousness because this method is related to your lifestyle, activity, and general health. If you are sure, then you can visit physiotherapy clinic www.iphysio.sg right now.

Here are some methods that are usually applied to patients:

– Exercise program
Some of the therapies included in this program include techniques to improve posture, strengthen muscles, exercise or exercise, and muscle stretching.

– Electrotherapy techniques
This therapy uses a tool with electric power. This therapy is also called electrical therapy. Some of these types of therapies include neural therapy with electrical stimulation (TEN), electrical stimulation therapy through fat tissue (PENS), PENS method combines acupuncture techniques and electrical therapy.

– Manual physiotherapy
Which include this type of physiotherapy is massage, stretching, and joint mobilization and manipulation. Manual physiotherapy can help relaxation, reduce pain and increase the flexibility of impaired limb movements.

– Occupational therapy
Also called occupational therapy. It is a form of therapy that helps patients with physical, sensory, or cognitive (mind) limitations or inadequacies in order to live daily activities well.

– Another method
In addition to the methods mentioned above, physiotherapy also helps patients by correcting incorrect exercise techniques and helping to use the tools appropriately. Some other commonly used methods are hydrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, temperature therapy (heat or cold), breathing exercises, and acupuncture.

In addition to the complete and specific methods, physiotherapy can also be done with a flexible. That is, the patient can perform physiotherapy anywhere in accordance with his ability, whether at home or at the hospital with physiotherapy services.

You can even do your own physiotherapy, but do not forget to ask physiotherapist advice to assess your condition, so the type and frequency of physiotherapy are not wrong.