Various Causes Elderly Refuse to Eat

As you get older, the health problems you face will be more and more. One of them is trouble eating. Yes, difficult to eat is often experienced by people who are elderly. Of course, this problem cannot be considered small, the difficult to eat in the elderly can cause other health problems, especially if handled properly. Our home health care can help you to take care of elderly. Visit our website now. Then, what are the causes of difficult eating problems that occur in the elderly?

One of the age groups vulnerable to malnutrition is the elderly. This is because eating disorders are very common. difficult eating problems are caused by various things, and here are common causes that usually cause it.

1. Dental problem
Do not underestimate dental and oral health problems. often people who are elderly lazy to clean the area of his mouth, so that finally the health of his teeth and mouth is not well maintained. In fact, this will indirectly affect the function of the mouth and tongue. For example, a mouth full of bacteria, will make the incoming food taste more unpleasant and ultimately affect the overall taste of food. In addition, bacteria will also make the elderly become difficult to swallow, taste, and chew food.

2. Decreased sense of taste
Usually, getting into old age, someone will experience decreased ability to taste. The tongue as the taste senses, consisting of small nodules made of nerve endings. From the part of the tongue, the taste of food will be sent to the brain and the brain will tell you what the food feels. But unfortunately in the elderly nervous ability will decrease, as well as nerves that exist on the surface of the tongue. So, the tongue is no longer overly sensitive to eating flavors. This makes the elderly will often feel the food is bland, lacking spice, or even no taste at all. Finally, it causes trouble eating.

3. No appetite
Elderly who have difficulty eating, usually caused by their appetite is very low. Yes, this can be caused by various things, such as the tongue is no longer sensitive taste tasting. To overcome it, give the elderly smaller meals, but with frequent frequencies.