Unique things about cosplayers that you may don’t know

Have you ever seen cosplayers acting weird or unnatural? Don’t be surprised, it’s not because they’re crazy. They act like that because they are animating their role. Yes, because Cosplay is not just using make-up and costumes, but also playing characters. Meanwhile, check out the Youmacon photos and videos as well.

Isn’t it strange that you see Naruto acting calm and quiet? Or an impressive Light Yagami (Death Note)? Instead, it will make OOC (Out of Character) and tarnish the core of cosplay itself. So, agree if they are not strange? LOL!

The cosplayer is friendly and not arrogant

When cosplayers are playing a role, do not ever hesitate to greet them if they meet at an event. They are indeed animating roles, they are friendly and not arrogant. So they won’t ignore the people who want to invite them to interact. Hehehe.

Even they will be very happy to interact with other people who are happy with their existence. How confident they are of the photos, they certainly want and are ready to act in strange and funny styles. Good, right?

Many cosplayers like it, many hate it

Toppers, playing a character is indeed not easy. Many cosplayers who are considered not worthy of playing their original characters, and finally scorned by the people who love their original characters. Wow, that’s the joy, Toppers. But, in fact, the people who play the characters usually also like the character, and of course, they want to be as perfect as possible to play it. Hehehe. Remember, nobody is perfect. Toppers.

Being a cosplayer wants to make you a creative person

How is it creative? Do you know? Isn’t it difficult to make costumes? Especially if there are strange accessories. Guns, swords, and various other accessories, not everyone can make it, you know! But they are cosplayers who really intend to make it with their own hands.

Cut the foam heart, look for knick-knacks, sew, paint, and finally fail, then repeat it again from the beginning without being discouraged. Not because there is no work, but because it is part of his plan. Although in the end it can’t be as perfect as the original, at least the cosplayers always try to produce the best from the results of their own efforts. Wow, really cool right!