Types of Windows Available Out There

A window is one important element when we look at a house, when interested or wants to buy, in addition to the overall look of the house, which is often the window of our consideration. Especially for a tropical country house like Indonesia, the window basically serves as air access and light in the house that is important to keep the room moist. The following are some of the windows types you can choose from when it comes to new windows seattle.

– Fixed Window

Generally speaking, this is an unventilated window type that can only enter the light source, Because it can not enter the air circulation of the use of this type of window should be considered as possible.

Sliding Window, as the name implies sliding window or sliding window opened closed by way of sliding horizontally.

– Double Hung Window

It is a window consisting of 2 leaves in a vertical stack and operated by sliding one of the shutters vertically.

– Single Hung Window

This is generally known as a window that has the same physical shape as the double hung window which distinguishes it is only 1 leaf that can be sliding, Single Hung Window can only provide 50% Sliding Window openings, As the name implies sliding window or sliding window in open- close it by sliding it vertically.

– The Casement Window,

Well, the swinging window has shutters of which one side is linked and operated by means of swing out or inward. The advantages of this window is able to provide 100% openings.

– Awning and Hopper Window

This window type has a working principle similar to the swing window only the side of the window in the hook is the top or bottom side.

– French Window

Do you know? Th is a window type with a pair of swinging windows that also functions as an accent in and out. Because it has a double function as a bedroom room door is the right location for French Window because most openings lead inward, Usually, this window application overlooks the park adjacent to the bedroom.