Types And Characteristics Of Warehouses As Needed

In the manufacturing process, there are several products that have gone through the production process from raw materials, not become the final product but become a product supporting other production processes. There are several processes or stages in the manufacturing process which require this intermediate item, among others, is the Intermediate process, half-finished material is carried out for the next process. Postponement, a pending process due to waiting for the semi-finished material. Customization, the process that distinguishes an item with the same item, usually because of a request from consumers. Sub-assembly, the process of assembling the semi-finished goods.

As for some 迷你倉 according to their characteristics, the Warehouse for Production of Material Production, the characteristics of this warehouse is in the form of goods which are produced which are ready to be sold/distributed to end consumers. This warehouse is a storage area that functions as a buffer or safety stock of market demand for this final product. Warehouse as a Consolidation and Transit Center; This warehouse will receive various items from various origins, after which a merger process will be carried out to be forwarded to consumers or sent to continue the process on other production lines. Warehouse as a Transhipment Center; This warehouse will receive goods in very large quantities, also from many suppliers. in this warehouse, the process of breaking down / dividing goods into smaller quantities will be carried out and the process of shipping goods to various locations will be carried out.

There is also a Warehouse that Serves as a Cross Docking where this type of Warehouse is seen as the most efficient warehouse and has a fast response in handling the movement of goods. The characteristics of this warehouse are that the goods will be stored in a short time. The day was received and that day will also be sent. Usually described by the process of loading goods from trucks to other trucks. However, the implementation is not easy. There are several requirements so that the cross-docking process can run, for example, each item must be labeled and ready to send.