A major music concert requires a variety of special types of security. This is done to ensure that all parties involved are safe in organizing the event, starting from the committee, the audience, to the musicians who will perform. To secure a music concert, the Event Organizer will usually work with many parties, for example. This music concert event organizer who handles various music concerts from within and outside the country always cooperates with the state security apparatus every time they hold a music performance. For safety, they usually use a device such as a ham radio to make it easier for them to work and to make it easier for them to communicate between security guards with one another. As a result, every concert that is held will be successful and run orderly. In more detail, here is a description of the various types of security needed when you hold a music concert.

Upon entering the entrance, each spectator will undergo inspection by the committee and security guards. An inspection by the committee is carried out to check ticket ownership. For paid concerts, only ticketed audiences are allowed to enter. This was done with the aim that no illegal audience would enter and could endanger other viewers. Meanwhile, the inspection carried out by security officers is intended to check whether the audience is carrying sharp objects that are dangerous or not. So, all audiences who witness the music concert program must be proven clean by not bringing items that can trigger harmful actions.

When holding a concert with an audience in the hundreds or even thousands, a music concert event organizer will usually place several strong and strong barricade fences. The existence of the barricade is intended to provide a safe boundary or distance between the musicians and the audience.


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