Try These Smoothies To Prevent You from Stress

You may have heavy workloads and activities that can make you stress. For that, you need the right food and drink intake so as not to be easy to stress. One that you can choose is smoothies. Smoothies have many options that can be tailored to your needs. However, to make smoothies you also need the right blender. Before you buy a blender, you should read a few blender brands review to get the best green smoothie blenders.

For those of you who want to make smoothies that can prevent stress, then some of these recipes you can try:

1. Blueberry-Banana
The sour taste of blueberries and bananas can make your smoothies fresh. This food mix can also give you plenty of vitamins and fiber because of the bananas used. The ingredients you can use to make these smoothies are bananas, blueberries, milk creams, honey, and almonds.

2. Apple-Spinach
A mixture of apples and spinach can make your smoothies have many flavors. In addition to taste, the resulting colors are also very fresh and enhance your taste. Materials that you can use to make these smoothies are apples, spinach, soy milk, honey, and lime. Sensari lemon will also make your smoothies fresher and restore your mood to be good again.

3. Apple-Ginger
A mixture of fresh fruit and ginger will make you have unique smoothies. Fresh apples will make your mood improve, and a warm ginger taste will relax you. Try this recipe for your mood better.

And to make good smoothies you need a good blender. You can read the blender review on to get the best green smoothie blenders. Try the recipe if you’ve got the blender that suits you.