Train your dog to greet nicely

The arrival of a person or guest will usually lure a dog to bark and jump. There is a trick to teach dogs can better greet, try to practice some of the following ways that we’re going to share with you. Meanwhile, you can also use the comfortable training lead for the better comfort and safety for your dog.

First, teach “Sit and Lie Down” or sit and sleep. Then instruct him to behave that way while walking around or being in the dog park. Give gifts with food, praise, and caresses.

Then, teach the dog for a “Down-stay.” Give a gift with the food on the floor between the dog’s claws. Initially reward and release the dog after a “Down-stay” exercise for a few minutes. When the dog is stationary for a minute or more, continue to the next step.

Make the dog behave “Down-stay” near the door. Tap the door from the inside. Most dogs think there are guests and are happy. If the dog is calm, then repeat again. If you have a doorbell, start by tapping, as some guests usually do, in addition, you can not go out to ring the bell until the dog passes the next step.

When the dog does a “Down-stay” when you knock on the door, start opening the door. First, touch the doorknob, and reward the dog as he remains silent. Slowly, open the entire door.
Now add a guest. Family members can be good guests because they can repeat the process for training purposes. Ask the family to stand outside, tap or ring the bell, and wait.

Open the door with the dog being “Down-stay.” If he wakes up before your friend enters, close the door and repeat from the beginning. If she wakes up after your friend comes in, ask your friend to come out and repeat again.

If you are silent when a guest comes in, give them food and praise. Handshake your guests or hug, and reward your dog again. Chat and laugh with your guests, then reward them again.

The last gift for your dog is when he greets your guests. Let him sit for this. Teach and practice “Sit-stay” movements without guests at first, then add someone when your dog is ready