Too Much Medical Treatment Can Cause A Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem most commonly experienced besides dandruff hair. Many ways are done so that hair does not fall out more and more. Why? Because the more hair that falls out, the faster you will experience baldness. Hair loss can be experienced by anyone. From children to adults, men, and women. For men who want to prevent hair loss or avoid baldness, you can try Profollica hair loss treatment. Profillica comes with safe ingredients as well as minimal side effects.

There are several factors that cause a person to experience hair loss. The majority say that heredity is the strongest factor. If your family has hair loss, then you also have the same opportunities. In addition to heredity, medical conditions and treatment also have a strong enough effect.

If all hair follicles are of the same size or if hair is suddenly falling, this may be caused by other factors that are not hereditary factors, such as medical conditions. Medical conditions can cause rash, redness, pain, scalp, broken hair, partial baldness, or unusual patterns of hair loss that accompany hair loss resulting in baldness. There are various medical conditions that can cause hair loss resulting in baldness, such as thyroid gland disorders, anemia, autoimmune diseases, and polycystic ovary syndrome commonly occurring in women.

The immune system can attack hair follicles. Causes hair loss suddenly and leaves a fine scar on the scalp, resulting in baldness in a small circle on the scalp. Hair loss caused by the immune system is commonly referred to as alopecia areata.

Hair loss can also occur due to extreme stress, physical trauma such as surgery or sustained pain, drastic weight loss over a short period of time, and consuming too much vitamin A. Hair loss can occur weeks to six months after any of the conditions it happens.