Tips to Mix and Match Sneakers

Sneaker is a style of all ages and suitable to be matched with various styles. You can get custom sneakers by visiting our website. Sneakers now seem to have not been synonymous with sports shoes alone. Besides being comfortable to use, sneakers can also make your style super stylish. You can click here and see our custom sneakers collection for you.

The technology of sol cushion and air circulation that continues to be developed by the sneakers manufacturer, the wearer is not easy to feel tired. For those of you who are still hesitant to use sneakers as everyday shoes, try to see solid tips on the following:

– Pair Sneakers with a Mini Dress

Mini dress or loose dress is one of the outfits that are very comfortable to use during weekends with your beloved family. So far, it’s just matching the dress with flat shoes. Try wearing sneakers occasionally to make your style more playful and young. You can choose basic models or high top sneakers.

– Contrast with an Elegant Coat

Who says coat can only be used in winter? If you work in an office with a cool enough room temperature, the coat can be a cool outfit while in the office. Try a solid matching coat with classic chucks or lace-up sneakers. Choose a neutral-colored coat, and you can combine it with any color sneakers.

– Look Luxury with Metallic

Combining sneakers with a metallic colored outfit? Suitable for you to use when attending your dear friend’s birthday invitation. Metallic color shoes will create a luxurious impression that will easily blend with other semi-formal dresses and outfits.

– Stay Beautiful with Midi Skirt

The best thing when sneakers become a trend is that you can combine them with a variety of styles, even feminine styles. The combination of tutu skirt with sneakers, makes your look become uber stylish! If you want to use a skirt with a pretty busy motif (such as floral or geometric), choose sneakers with one color tone. For your boss, try choosing a more casual one like a shirt to make it more suitable for sneakers.