Tips on Caring for Vacuum Cleaner Not Easy To Damage

The availability of a variety of electronic equipment, making the homework more practical. One example is by using Vacuum Cleaner. Electronic equipment this one increasingly lighten the work of cleaning the house. Imagine what happens when suddenly your vacuum cleaner is damaged. Surely it will be troublesome. Visit our website and find the best commercial backpack vacuum.

Surely you do not want the hassles caused by damage to the vacuum cleaner, is not it? therefore do the treatment of vacuum cleaner to stay durable. This time will give some tips on caring for a vacuum cleaner to be more durable and durable.

– Avoid sucking dust in areas that are still wet
Do not suck dust that is still wet, it aims to avoid the entry of the droplets of water into the Vacuum Cleaner machine. Humidity can lead to rust on the engine vacuum cleaner, so that happens is the machine will be easily damaged. Better wait until the area to be cleaned to dry.

– Avoid sucking large particles
In order for the end of the pipe on the vacuum cleaner is not easily clogged, then before sucking dust in a particular area better clean the first area of the waste or dirt large, so leaving only fine dust that is generally difficult to clean using a broom.

– Replace dust bags regularly
Replace the vacuum cleaner dust bag at least once a month, if you have a pet should be replaced as often as possible so as not to build up dirt. The buildup of dust and dirt in the dust bag can be a source of germs and bacteria that can bring disease.

– Replace filters and belts periodically
Clean or replace the filter every 6 6 months. Look at the manual for the position of the filter, generally close to the bag or behind the access door. It should be noted that there are several models that can be rinsed clean, but some are not able. Clean the HEPA filter every eight weeks. Replace the belt once a year or when the roll has started to make a noise.