Tips on Making Dessert Table

Surely you have heard of event management company in Malaysia, have not you? Event management company in Malaysia is one of the most famous event management in Malaysia and has very beautiful works for various events. Well, here we will provide tips for the readers on how to make a dessert table!

1. Define theme/mood board
Often, those who have self-confused events to determine the theme they want. Here, we can try to brainstorm, so if we do not have a specific theme, we can collect pictures or color choices that we like to form the desired concept.

Tips: Search images not just from one source. eg only on Pinterest only. Try searching for other sources, from personal blogs, from magazines, or Instagram.

2. Do not be afraid to combine colors
Many say, the color pink just match the white color for the impression ‘girly’ is not lost, or maybe black should be combined with bright colors for contrast. In my opinion, any color choice you like can be combined and get great results if we are ‘smart’ in processing the color. If the color you choose is equally strong, calculate what percentage of colors you want to be the main/dominant color in your decor, and the secondary color as a sweetener or ornament.

Tips: If you create a dessert table for your engagement/wedding, there is nothing wrong with matching the uniform colors or clothing that you will be using or maybe even with decorations/flowers. The same color is certainly more beautiful is seen right?

3. Select Dessert according to budget
Many customers are asking, “Why dessert table really expensive?” Well, here I will help to answer that question which of course also can be an entry for you who want to create their own dessert table. The usual desserts served in dessert table are cupcakes, macaroons, cake pops, whole cakes, chocolate, candies & customized cookies.