Tips to Choose the Right Manga for You

Manga is a Japanese-style comic. Reading manga is different than reading comics, books, or magazines from any other country. That is why reading manga can be one of a kind entertainment you can do in your leisure time.

To understand and enjoy the manga, you should learn to read from right to left and from top to bottom. In addition, you must also interpret the elements of the panel appropriately and observe the character’s emotions by recognizing the emotional iconography that usually appears in the manga. To even make reading manga more entertaining, you also need to be able to choose the right kind of manga for you as they are available in different genres. In this way, you will be able to enjoy reading manga even better. Here are the tips that can help you choose the right manga for you:

– Learn the different types of manga

There are five main types of manga. Seinen is a manga directed to men and josei is a manga devoted to women. Shojo is a manga for girls, while shonen for boys. Kodomo is a manga for children.

– Read the difference between each genre of manga

Manga consists of various genres that cover different types of themes and topics. Some common manga genres consist of science fiction, fantasy, adventure, romance, slice of life, action, comedy, mystery, gender bender which tells about the life of someone who wore the opposite sex suit or turned into the opposite sex, historically, a harem which is a romance story that tells the life of a man surrounded by several women, and mecha.

– Learn some popular serial manga

Before beginning to read your first manga, you can take enough time to study the popular serial manga. The famous science fiction manga among them is Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Famous Manga fantasy of which is Dragon Ball. Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 is a manga that combines mecha genre and science fiction, while Love Hina is a favorite slice of life manga.