Thrill Ride in Dufan

If you like adrenaline-challenging games, try to ride the tornado. Feel the sensation of somersaults at height. These Tornado passengers sit in chairs that are lined up and back to back with a capacity for 40 people. So, challenged to try it? Or do you want to be tense and also refreshing? You can try to play arung jeram dufan. What types of thriller rides are there in Dufan? Here are some of them:

– Lightning

Lightning is a ride that we also know as a roller coaster. The trajectory is made very complicated and tortuous, so that lightning can pass by circling and reversing at high speed.

– Hysteria

Besides the two games above, Hysteria is also one of the extreme women you can try to test your guts. Don’t be surprised if many people who ride this game all scream in fear. Visitors will be thrown up in a short time and then back down very quickly. This throwing and returning process will be repeated. So, prepare yourself mentally and physically before riding it.

– Kicir Kicir

Kicir Kicir or also known as Power Surge will bring visitors rotating 360 ° which rotates from the bottom to the top. Not only spinning, you will also feel the sensation twisted while gliding at high speed.

– Ombang Ombang

Ombang Ombang is one of the rides of Dufan Ancol which are also found in several other amusement parks. However, the designation is a little different, we know it better by the name Ombang Ambing. As the name suggests, when you ride it you are as if being swayed by the waves. While oscillating, you will also feel a very powerful shock.

– Kora Kora

Kora Kora is a large boat that will swing its passengers to the front and back. Initially, the swing will feel soft, but over time it turns to be very tight. In fact, the swing can reach a slope of up to 90 °.