This is the Preparation You Must Do Before Running the Facial

When you choose to go to a beauty clinic, then you will get a lot of care that is certainly adjusted to your own skin condition. Usually, there are lots of treatments that you can get and you choose yourself there. One that is usually chosen is a hot and cold facial massager. With these treatments, you will get well-maintained facial skin.

Other treatments that are also in great demand are facials. Even though you have entrusted your face to your trusted mainstay clinic, there’s nothing wrong to do a number of preparations beforehand so that the facial results run optimally. There are some preparations that you must do before the facial is run.


1. Clean Deep
Even though the face will be cleaned thoroughly during facials, you still need to keep your face clean. One of them is by washing your face with a care product that cleanses the pores in depth so that it controls the appearance of blackheads. Katherine Tomasso as the brand education of Yon-Ka Paris said that it can reduce blackheads so you don’t feel too sick when facial.

2. Stay away from Coffee
Katherine also suggested that you avoid coffee before facials. The reason, caffeine in coffee will make you less able to feel relaxed when treatment. For that, he recommends reducing consumption at least 24 hours before facials. Replace coffee with herbal tea.

3. Don’t Makeup
It is also recommended to come to the beauty clinic by not wearing makeup. This will facilitate and accelerate facial cleansing. That way, beauty staff will have more time to focus on facials. Even so, do not leave the use of moisturizer or sunscreen before leaving the room.

4. Get to know the correct order
For those of you who are not familiar with facials, you may need to know the correct order of care. According to Katherine, the facial is best started with massage first after the face is cleaned. After that, if you can face steamed to open the pores and ready to be cleaned deeply. Avoid steaming your face after facial because it will inhibit product absorption.