In many countries around the world, construction workers who have experienced accidents and have died are closely related to the use of scaffolding. Usually, work accidents are caused due to weak floorboards, crushed by debris from the top of the building, or because they are not installed and/or not properly inspected before scaffolding is used. Aside from that, if you also need to rent some scaffoldings, you can call the trusted Scaffold tower hire company full report.

Before entering into the discussion of the safety requirements for using scaffolding, we will first explain the definition of scaffolding.

Scaffolding is a temporary building of equipment (platform) and is used to support labor, tools, and equipment for building construction work. In this case, this includes maintenance and dismantling.

Scaffolding checks must be carried out before installation, initial use, every week at regular intervals, before use after exposure to bad weather, or after modification.

The general requirements for scaffolding safety that must be understood by supervisors working on building construction include the following.

– Scaffolding must be given a floorboard that is tight and strong.
– The floor on the scaffold must be given a safety fence if the height is more than 2 (two) meters.
– If the scaffolding is installed on a narrow road or a runway, the scaffold must be made of construction and materials that are not damaged, strong, and safe for its intended use.
– Scaffolding that has been declared safe is attached with a green scafftag (label).
– Initial examinations, periodic inspections, and special examinations have been carried out.
– Scaffolding must be installed with a safety net if it has a height of more than 5 (five) meters and installed with a protective shield to protect the material from falling.
– Boxes, bricks, drums, and concrete blocks are not permitted to support additional scaffolding.
– The surface of the scaffolding must be able to withstand the weight of the scaffold and the various loads that will be placed on the top.
– The condition of the soil and the stand used to install the scaffolding has a flat texture.
– Scaffolding must be stable and can withstand the load that is placed on the top.


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