In some areas, some areas are still conservation areas and protected by the government, so we are not allowed to hunt there. Even if it’s the area where to find deer easily, we must try to get permission from the local Ministry of Environmental Conservation or the Ministry of Natural Resources. The licensing fee for deer hunting can be different in each region. You must find out about it first.

Usually, most hunters use rifle-type weapons for hunting. You can go to a hunting license office to find out if your weapon is legal to use. If you are not very good with rifles, try using a safer bow or arrow. Don’t take the risk of using a weapon that you are not familiar with or that the government does not allow.


Then, consider an effective hunting suit. What you wear may seem trivial, but it is very important to you. When hunting deer, you can wear orange clothes, because deer can’t see very well. You can also use camouflage clothes that can blend with the colors around the hunting ground. Don’t forget to wear shoes/boots. Try Gore-Tex shoes to make your shoes water-resistant, or 800-Gram of Thinsulate-Ultra Insulation shoes that will keep your feet warm, and Cordura Nylon will keep the leather in your shoes longer. Also, bring equipment such as foam chair warmers, binoculars, and a toolbox filled with insect repellent, a first aid kit, flashlights, compass, small knife, matches, etc.

Before hunting, try to track the location of the nest, habitat, where to eat, to the path that is usually traversed by forest deer. This way, your hunting will be more targeted and effective. Deer usually live in bushes or places where the vegetation looks thick, the banks of small rivers, and the shade is rather high.

Bait is needed to pull the deer out of the nest or hiding place. Place the bait in the path the Deer normally take but keep it within the firing range. You can use carrots, apples, mineral licks, beet sugar, or corn as bait. In some areas, there may be restrictions on baiting at a distance of 300 yards, so if you want to bait it is best to do it 1 week or 10 days before hunting.


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