As novice investors, we certainly need to understand a lot about how investment forms and how it works, and the mechanisms that need to be understood in the investment world. Apart from that, another important thing that novice investors need to know is how to buy stocks. As a good starting point, novice investors should also understand the intricacies of investing. This is of course an important and fundamental thing before entering the world of investment. Additionally, you can also go to if you want to learn more about the stock investment before you do it for real.

After understanding the mechanism of the capital market as a place for investment and also understanding the basics of investing and its instruments, novice investors can start buying stocks and trying to invest. To buy stocks, investors must first determine which securities company they trust to help you invest.

This securities company will later become an intermediary between you as an investor to buy and sell shares. Besides, this securities company also acts as an intermediary for you to open a share account on the Stock Exchange. Therefore, you must be careful to choose a securities company that also plays an important role in the investment activities you do.

To increase your confidence in determining securities companies, you can choose securities companies that are listed on the stock exchange and also have a good reputation, history, and portfolio. You also need to understand how much it will cost you to use a security service that you will trust.

After determining the securities company and already have a stock account, you can decide which shares to buy. To determine which stocks to buy, you need to study and understand how a stock can work. As a novice investor, it’s a good idea to choose stocks from large companies in small amounts first.

After you buy stocks, you can start investing using the stocks that you have purchased. Knowledge of how to buy stocks you can make for initial knowledge before you can invest using stocks.


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