Things to Keep in Mind Before Playing the Game

When it comes to playing the games either offline or online games, make sure you know what to do which can help you prevent getting unwanted issues. Have you tried to visit The following are few things to keep in mind before starting playing any certain game.

1. Set Time To Play Game

Why is this matter so important? Because organizing time is very important and has many benefits, one of them is that you do not forget the time because playing the game is so fun and forget about other things. because you should buy school equipment is very important but because you play games, you forget the important things.

2. Adjusting the Visibility of the Monitor

Adjusting the eye’s perspective from the monitor is also important, because if a friend does not adjust the visibility, then a friend may experience a visual illness. Just imagine if you experience such illness, certainly you will be difficult to do activities and always use glasses because it forgot to pay attention to eyesight to the monitor.

3. Set Up Screen Lighting

Adjusting the lighting of the screen will also make friends get away from eye disease, because what? because if a friend does not set the lighting then the screen then when playmates will be disturbed. If the lighting is too high then friends will experience glare when playing the game and can damage the eyes of friends because the screen that friends use is too bright. If the lighting is too low then the friend will be too dark and damage the visibility of friends, and can also make a friend’s eyes become damaged, and certainly, a playmate would not be comfortable.

So if you play games, you should make the lighting is 50% high and the lowest is 10%, but also must adapt it to the atmosphere of the room where friends play.

4. Control Your Emotions
Why I say to control your emotion because you will play games. Aside from that, emotion is also not good for humans, because emotions can damage the body of friends and can make friends uncontrolled and make something dangerous and can harm others around friends.