These tips can help you to keep your brain happy and healthy

If you get a sudden headache should not directly consume painkillers in any form. The habit of taking medication when suffering from headaches can affect the health of the blood vessels to the brain. The brain is an internal organ that is very delicate and sensitive to chemicals especially if taken every time the headache. Headaches caused by many things, for example, because of stress, lack of sleep, Lack of blood, the eye condition deteriorates, Because too long in front of the computer and others. Headache does not always have to be cured with aspirin or other types of pain medication. Actually, Headaches can heal by itself if someone tries to rest enough and consume the warm ginger drink. In the meantime, you can go to Nootropics Blog if you want to know more about an excellent brain supplement.

Avoid severe stress

Too much thinking and dissolving in the sadness for weeks or even months can cause tension in the back of the neck muscles, Head and disrupt the flow of blood around the head. Immediately reduce stress by listening to music or just drinking hot tea while watching the favorite television show and so on. Stress only makes the brain work extra so that the tension of the head muscle will be more severe.
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Drinking water

Drinking water 7 to 8 liters per day in addition to a healthy body can also maintain fluid in the brain to prevent the brain from dehydration and inflammation.

Consume some fishes

Tuna, Salmon, and Sardines are excellent for improving the health and brain qualities of children and adults because they contain high levels of Omega 3. Omega 3 plays a big role in maintaining and protecting brain tissue from thinking delays. Omega 3 can also improve intelligence and strengthen memory.

Consume some meat dishes

Beef, Skinless chicken or lamb chops contain high protein that is good for maintaining brain health.

Eating fruits

Fresh fruits can be consumed directly at made into the juice that is with the car combines two different types of fruit so that the benefits can be absorbed by the body. The content of vitamins, minerals, and fiber can protect the brain from free radicals as a result of someone inhaling cigarette smoke accidentally.