If you can get customer data that makes bad comments about your business, then make good use of that data. By contacting them directly, you can find out the point of the problem and find a solution more quickly. Your customers will appreciate your efforts to fix your deficiencies. You can send a personal email stating your apology as well as offering a good solution for your customer. There is nothing wrong if you send them vouchers or special offers. By using a good customer retention method, customers who have been disappointed with your product or service can keep coming back to you. Apart from that, if you also receive a lot of fake reviews on Google, we suggest you read How to respond to fake Google reviews.

Then, you can focus on increasing positive comments. Instead of thinking about ways to get rid of bad comments from your customers on social media, you should focus more on increasing your positive reviews. The more positive comments you get, the less meaningful the bad comments will be. There are many ways you can do to add positive comments. One way is to improve the quality of your products and customer service. Quality products will bring in more buyers. So is your customer service. Make it easy for your customers to ask questions and make complaints about your product or service. Allow your customers to ask questions via live chat, phone, messenger, and email so they can choose the option that suits them best. Good customer support will help you improve customer ratings and keep your business away from bad comments on social media.

Furthermore, if you have enough capital, you can give some special offers to customers who are disappointed with your products. This might require you to spend more capital for satisfying the customer, but you can consider it as a small investment to build a good relationship with your customers, so they will keep buying your products in the future. This can happen if they realize that your products are good and you actually care about them.


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