These Some Restaurant that Has A Unique Concept

There are so many restaurants you can choose and you visit when you are hungry. Some restaurants are even the best choice for you who like the atmosphere and the menu is there. One restaurant you can choose is Wynn buffet. You can also check the Wynn buffet price to be able to determine what price suits you and the person you are going to take there.

In addition to the concept of buffets, there are several restaurants that have a unique concept that you can visit. Some of the restaurants in question are

– A380
The A380 restaurant is an airplane-themed restaurant in Taipei City. All the interior here mimics the shape of the Airbus A380. Restaurant visitors can eat while enjoying the atmosphere as in the plane. The food menu is placed on a plastic tray with a purple light accent on the floor and the ceiling of the plane that characterizes the airplane’s atmosphere while flying.

– The Bubble Room
From outside the restaurant, The Bubble Room in Florida looks like a playground. But this restaurant is much more unique because it presents a tiny memorabilia and photographs under glass. Visitors can also find antiques everywhere such as Christmas decorations, old celebrity photos, colorful lights, dolls and train toys that move to different rooms in the restaurant. The food and dessert here are reportedly worth a try.

– Converted Coach Bus
In China, there are buses that are used as restaurants. Its location is in Shenyang where visitors can enjoy the sensation of dining on the bus. Unfortunately, the bus is not running, but you are sitting in the passenger seat and the maid will be walking down the aisle to serve your order.

– Devil Island Prison Restaurant
If interested in the theme of prison, Devil Island Prison Restaurant in China can also be an option. This restaurant was originally created to scare people away from criminals but turned out to be a more exciting place. Upon arrival, visitors will be fingerprinted. They should also be photographed while holding the prisoner number. Eat food only in prison cells.