Garage capital is very often connected to the power grid. This provides the ability to work indoors not only for lighting but for many electrical appliances. Sometimes there are garages with water or sewer connections. Almost no garage with gas pipes. Such features set the basic framework for the owner of the possible ways to cheaply heat the garage. Aside from that, you can also try an electric garage heater if you want the most convenient way to heat your garage.

The following possibilities remain for system installation:

– use of liquid hydrocarbons as fuel;
– make use of electric power;
– use of solid fuels.

Also, you must follow certain rules regarding the operation of the device in garage conditions:

– compactness of the heater or system should not complicate vehicle maintenance;
– maximum ease of maintenance and operation is the key to a high-quality, economical heater in the garage, made by yourself;
– heating should not affect air humidity, as well as burn oxygen in the room;
– the temperature must be recruited quickly and maintained at a stable level for a long time;
– in addition to the fact that heating the garage with your own hands must be cheap and quickly installed, it must be safe as long as it is used for both people and cars;
– fire hazard requirements must be met;
– installation and operating costs should be brought to an acceptable level.

Most of the above criteria are met by the listed heating installations.

When choosing any method of heating the garage, you should be guided by two main conditions – the heating period and the amount that you are willing to spend on the organization.

Those looking for an inexpensive way to warm a garage should pay attention to diesel cannons. During operation, the exhaust gas is diverted to a heat exchanger. This design solution makes it possible to provide maximum safety in this indirect heating installation. After passing through the cleaner, clean air enters the outside, which contributes to heating.

The use of this type of heater must be accompanied by a mandatory supply of air in a sufficient volume since the operation of the weapon promotes the combustion of oxygen.


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