Like a room in a house that is often in a wet condition, the bathroom needs to get more attention from the safety side of use, as well as its aesthetics. The wrong choice of material can make the floor slippery and prone to making people slip. In addition to paying attention to the material, the design side of the bathroom floor is also not to be missed so besides being safe but also beautiful when it’s being seen. You can choose a lot of bathroom floor tiles variants in the tile shop waterlooville.

The following are some types of bathroom floors with various materials and designs that should be your consideration:

Wood Patterned Bathroom Floor

Today there are so many composite or ceramic floor materials that have wood motifs and are waterproof. Thus, you do not need to pay a lot for waterproof wood and its maintenance is quite complicated. By using wood-patterned flooring material, your bathroom floor has waterproof, sturdy, and practical capabilities. In addition, it also provides a warm atmosphere and an attractive appearance.

Mosaic Bathroom Floor

We often find this mosaic-style bathroom floor in a public swimming pool. The size is small and has a high density so it is safe from the possibility of slipping. When choosing the type of mosaic tile to use, look for a matte textured to be safer when wet conditions. You can also choose different colors to match the bathroom you like.

Subway Tile

Usually, we see ceramic subway tiles on the walls of the kitchen and bathroom, but actually this model can also work well on the bathroom floor. As with mosaic tile floors, the small size of the subway tile adds to the friction of the floor making it safe for the bathroom. You can install this subway tile extending from the floor to the bathroom wall so it looks interesting.

Hexagonal Model Bathroom Floor

Squares and rectangles are not the only options for bathroom floor shape. Hexagon or hexagonal models can be an option especially with the amount of grout making the floor not slippery. In terms of aesthetics, this honeycomb model has its own charm. You can use just one color or two colors for a more attractive appearance in the bathroom.


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