These are Two Serials About Magic You Should Watch

Wizard-themed movies or series are of special interest to some who love them. This is what makes many people look for witchcraft supplies to get things about the wizards they like and can put in their homes. Not infrequently, serials or movies that have witch themes have many fans that many around the world.

In addition to the witch-themed movie that is liked by many viewers. In fact, the series with a similar theme also get a lot of audience attention. Some witch-themed series you can watch are

1. Once upon a time
Once-a-time sentences usually you find in a fairy tale opener. This fact is in accordance with the theme of this series. The series revolves around some of the world’s tales of fairy tales, such as Snow White, Cinderella, Aladdin and various other characters. Uniquely, they are all cursed and their memories removed so they can be moved Enchanted Forest into a real-world area called StoryBrooke. There, there was an evil queen named Regina disguised as mayor.

2. Charmed
The series is about three sisters who look like ordinary teenagers but apparently have magic power. This power comes when the three of them are at their grandmother’s house. Because of this power, they have special powers, such as freeze anything, read past and future, and other abilities that they can not show in front of many people. Over time, they are faced with various evil beings who hone their skills.

The two series can be seen if you really like the magic and wizard themes that are now the attention of many people. With this theme, you can watch both the series and will love it because it is made specifically for you who want to see more detail on how the world of magic through both series.