A bathroom is indeed a place that is always dirty and full of germs. That is the reason why many people always pay attention to the cleanliness of their bathrooms. However, if you cannot clean your own bathroom because of your busy life, the services of empresas de aseo will help you a lot. Their staff will greatly assist the cleaning process at home.

In the bathroom, of course, there are many stains and crusts that are very difficult to remove. However, some of these tips will help you in removing stains and crust in the bathroom. Some of the tips referred to here are

1. Remove moss using salt
Moss usually grows in damp places, not least in the bathroom. If your bathroom has sufficient ventilation, this will not cause many problems. However, it is different if it turns out your bathroom is not well ventilated and is not diligent in getting treatment.
Moss will be very easy to grow in damp places such as bathrooms. If left unchecked, the moss will leave used stains, make the building fragile, and also make it slippery. So, besides not being beautiful to look at, the presence of moss in the bathroom will also threaten your safety. To clean it, you don’t need to bother buying anti-mosquito drugs. No need to be too tired to rub it. Moss in the bathroom turned out to be exterminated using only salt.

2. Remove the crust in the bathroom with vinegar
Another stain problem in the bathroom that often makes dizziness, namely stains due to the accumulated crust. The crust arises from a bathroom that is rarely cleaned. As a result, used soap or mold and mildew stains eventually dry up and become a not-beautiful crust.
To remove rust stains on the bathroom floor, you do not have to bother buying special cleaning materials. Only using vinegar, you can handle it.


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