These are Some Mistakes That Are Frequently Used By Printer Users

In printing the documents you need, you will need the right printer and fit your needs every day. So, finding the right printer will greatly help you in performing all your daily tasks especially with regard to printing documents. In Orajet, you can get the printer you need even all the stuff related to the printer. There is also a printer repair service that you can get there.

However, as a user, of course, there are some mistakes that you usually do that cause your printer often to be damaged and no longer usable. Some of the errors of the printer users that still occur are as below.

– Using manual data switch. This generally happens in small offices where one printer is connected to multiple PCs. We recommend using automatic switch data, the use of manual version can cause electrical shocks that result in the printer or CPU interface is damaged. The same damage can also occur if the printer and computer are on (ON), then the data cable is connected.

– Connect the parallel cable while the printer is on. This could damage the printer interface. We recommend that you turn off the printer before the parallel cable is connected. This applies to all types of printers.

– If the paper stuck to the printer, do not use a sharp tool to remove the paper. This can cause damage to printer components. You should drag the paper slowly. In inkjet printers, if there is still paper left, turn on the printer and the paper will automatically be pulled out by itself.

– Too often turn off and restart inkjet printer. This can cause the ink cartridge to run out quickly (due to the cleaning process), and also cause the power supply quickly damaged.

– Unplug the power cable while the printer is on-without pressing the on-off button first. This causes the improper printhead position to be in the case (Head Cap), causing the head to dry and damaged. The printout can be blank or error.