These Are Some Mistakes In Website Design That Are Often Done

The website is indeed one of the things that are currently needed by many people. Many companies do need websites for every marketing they do. Because, if you have your own company website, then you can get many advantages. So, the thing you have to do is find the right website creation service that suits your needs. One that you can choose is Webdesign Hessen.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who do not realize that there are mistakes that can be made during the design of the website. Some of the errors referred to here are

1. Turn off the back button
How important is a back button for each site visitor? But it’s not uncommon for us to find a site that has the power to disable the back button on the website they built. They will redirect directly to the location desired by the visitor, without closing the page that was opened by the visitor. And this, of course, makes visitors uncomfortable when visiting your site.

2. Using the “Open New Windows” menu
Once upon a time, we can make a feature on our website by opening a new page or frame. But don’t do it too often. Visitors will be lazy when they choose a menu and it turns out the menu appears on a new page. It’s true you will reduce the bounce rate on the website, but don’t increase the number of visitors because they are reluctant to visit your site again. Give visitors the power to do the Open New Tab according to their wishes.

3. Broken link
Not infrequently we will find a page that says “404 error pages” and that is certainly very annoying for your website. You must be absolutely sure that all the functions of your website are going well. And if there is a function that doesn’t work, include the Broken Link page view that attracts and makes visitors not leave your website but instead immediately contact you to fix it.