Considering the body shape often occurs in choosing fashion, Girls, especially for women who are thin. Choosing clothes to be so difficult and not confident to highlight body shape. In fact, having a thin body shape is sometimes not due to our fault for not eating enough or even being less clever about caring for the body. However, it could be due to our body’s metabolism in digesting food faster than others. So, you might eat as much as anything will remain thin. Fortunately, we have special fashion tips for you who have a thin body to be more beautiful. We also recommend you visit womens clothing stores Kelowna if you’re looking for some of the best women clothes online.

You may try these special fashion tips:

Choose the right clothing material

Choosing this material is very important for Girls to pay attention to so that your thin body does not look too small. So that your body is more volume, you should wear clothes made from denim, even with an additional pocket accent. Can also use clothing made from wool, knitwear, or knit with a pretty big stitch. Avoid using rubber or latex that is too tight. This actually makes you look smaller.

Choose two pieces outfit, not the overalls

So that your body does not look too thin, it is advisable not to wear shirts, Girls. This will make your body look too ‘flat’. Better, wear two pieces of clothing that will give the illusion to your body shape and can corner certain parts. You can choose pants or skirts that are combined with tops, rather than long dresses. For those of you who want to appear more contained, these tips must be considered.

Use a belt on the dress

Although it is recommended to use two pieces, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a dress. Fashion tips for your thin body when wearing a dress is to wear a belt. This will make your curves more visible, as long as you choose a belt not too big. Because your body can actually look shorter. Choosing a dress must also be adjusted to your body. Choose a dress that can increase the shape of your shoulders, chest, waist, and hips appropriately.


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