Not all VPNs offer the same features, each provider has different advantages and disadvantages. To find out whether a VPN is safe or not depends on several factors, and of course, these factors will only be valid if reviewed by professionals. Aside from that, if you require an excellent VPN in Canada, we recommend you to take a look at the BEST VPN CANADA.

The first factor is the price of the VPN subscription. If you want security and privacy protection from a VPN, you inevitably have to subscribe to a provider to get the features that are offered. Even if providers don’t charge for their services, surely they will take advantage of advertisements or sell your data to third parties without the owner’s knowledge.

The second factor is the history of IP address leaks. A VPN service serves to hide the user’s identity from spies who want to steal personal information. However, technology does not always work properly, there are times when there are IP leaks due to errors in the system. Luckily you can read our best VPN reviews which you can refer to here. The VPN providers we reviewed have certainly gone through a rigorous screening process.

The third factor determining whether a VPN is secure or not comes from the no-log rule. No-log means the provider does not record the digital traces that you make while surfing the internet through the services they provide, including log personal data to confidential information. This is to ensure you get the highest privacy and anonymity from people who have the intention to steal the data. Make sure before subscribing to a VPN, you read the features on offer including their no-log rules.

These three factors are the first things that should be on your list of questions before you go any further than subscribing to a VPN. A VPN service is the same as you and your friends in looking for someone you can trust to protect and share your secrets. If your trusted friend is lying or not good at keeping secrets, then you won’t be safe either. For that, the security of a VPN depends on the extent to which you know the track record of the provider to the quality of security it provides.


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