You don’t always need a large area to be able to garden at home. How to garden at home for beginners can also be done easily. Gardening is one of the healthiest productive activities because it can relieve stress. Besides, this activity can make it easier for you to get food for family needs. You can also visit the blog of gardening if you need more info about this particular hobby.

Here are some easy ways to prepare for gardening at home for beginners:

Choose a plant that you like

Start by growing the plants you like. Fruits and veggies that you like can be a good choice, while flowers can never be a bad choice. You can also grow crops that your family needs, such as chilies or tomatoes. We suggest plants or vegetables that you like, which are widely consumed and can be started from the easy ones first. After that, prepare the plant seeds for planting at home. Seeds can be found at plant sellers and online.

Find an area with sufficient sunlight

Sunlight is necessary for gardening. Choose an area that has enough sunlight. The average vegetable needs about six hours of sunlight per day. Better sunlight is in the morning. So, if the house faces east, you can plant it in front, if the opposite can be planted in the back, you can also use the roof or the rooftop for gardening and get optimal sunlight. You can also plant plants that are placed near a window or on a fence.

Prepare the planting medium

The medium for planting needs to be prepared too. Soil is actually the most common medium for planting some plants in the garden. Some plants can also grow in water, known as hydroponics. Use soil that is highly nutritious or that has been loosened up so that the plants can grow well.


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