The Things About Square Card Payment Machine For Small Business

Square is an American company and the largest mobile card readers and card payment machine for small business in the world This company was co-founded by Jack Dorsey who also co-founded Twitter. Square currently handles over USD 60 billion or £40 billion worth of payments each year globally. Square mobile payment machines have so many features that can help your small business effectively and efficiently.

If you’re interested to use mobile payment machine, here’s some information about Square that you need to know.

Square Card Payment Machine for Small Business Details

1. Square Reader Features

Square card payment machine for small business lets you take contactless cards, chip and PIN cards, and other mobile payments. The card reader accepts payments with American Express, Mastercard and Visa all for one low rate. The features include a free point-of-sale app compatible with Android or iOS devices for smartphones and tablets. There are also option to save cards on file, or you can see deposits in your account. Square Reader can be used to sell online via phone and invoices to collect payments.

2. Square Add-ons

Square card payment machine for small business currently has the most add-on features and functionally to offer, which include: the ability to use both your smartphone or tablets to process payments, there’s inventory management you can access via the App, invoicing software that allows the customer to pay you via card online. This card reader can sell online through their e-commerce API or Virtual Terminal that can help you to take payments by mail or phone. You can synch the card reader with software or other apps you use such as analytics, e-commerce, accounting and more. You can also track employees performance and track multiple locations via the app.

Square Reader is more than just a simple card machine, but you could use the payment machine to manage payments across your entire small business if you wanted to. That’s some information about Square features and add-ons as a card payment machine for small business.