The Relation Between Paint Color To Your Sleep Quality

Most people usually choose the color of their bedroom paint with colors that match their tastes. Like a woman’s bedroom that is identical to bright colors like pink or red, and a typical men’s bedroom with the use of dark colors, namely gray and black visit this link. However, did you know that the color of your bedroom paint actually has a certain meaning and can affect your sleep quality? According to one study, many people sleep in rooms that have different colors. The following article will explain some of the colors that provide the best sleep quality and colors that should be avoided. Aside from that, you may need to hire painters woodstock ga to get a high-quality painting service.

– Blue

Believe it or not, room owners with blue paint usually have better sleep quality and have longer sleep times than rooms with other colors. Based on research, people who have rooms with blue walls can sleep up to 7 hours 52 minutes. Scientifically, this is explained because special receptors on the retina of the eye called ganglion are most sensitive to blue. This cell is also responsible for conveying information to your brain that controls your body for 24 hours. In addition, blue is also synonymous with calm.

– Yellow and Green

The second color which is considered capable of producing good sleep quality is yellow and also green. Both of these colors based on research can give up to 7 hours 40 minutes of sleep time for yellow and 7 hours 36 minutes for green. Both colors are considered as a soothing color that can provide a sense of calm and improve sleep quality. In addition, the choice of bright colors is also recommended for use in the bedroom for better sleep quality.

– Gray and Chocolate

In choosing the color of the paint for your bedroom, you need to avoid dark colors and tend to be bleak like gray and brown. According to research, this can reduce your sleep time and reduce the quality of your sleep. Based on the research, the bedroom with gray color can only provide hours of sleep for 6 hours 12 minutes and 6 hours 5 minutes for brown.