The principle of chiropractic therapy is done to correct the position of the spine, for example, the position of the bone that is bent, tilted, or shifted. Angled bones straightened with pressure, massage, or certain movements so that the position is back to normal. With the return of bone position, a variety of disorders due to disruption of the position of the spine can be cured such as lumbago, migraines, headaches, back pain, and impotence. However, for cases of fractures or fractured bones, you should be taken to a hospital for surgery by an orthopedic specialist and traumatology. In the meantime, you may contact the trusted chiropractic chiropractor Pittsburgh whenever you’ve got an injury after your sports match.

Chiropractic helps align the position of the spine and conditions the body in optimum conditions. The benefits, the central nerves that are between the spinal structures can function and work well. If the nerve is in a normal position, the body will automatically self-healing or heal itself.

Treatment of patients and the approach taken in chiropractic therapy is different from modern medicine. Chiropractic therapy patients are usually relaxed before going to core therapy. Mild relaxation with a gentle massage is done so that the patient feels comfortable. Relaxation procession accompanied by soft music. The purpose of this relaxation is to condition the patient to be calmer, the blood flow to be smooth and the muscles are not stiff so that the results of more maximal therapy and muscle injury can be avoided. After undergoing therapy, chiropractors usually combine chiropractic with herbal medicines from China. Herbs from China help speed up the recovery of the patient’s condition from the inside.

Although chiropractic is only an alternative therapy that seems harmless, this therapy is not entirely safe. There are certain ages that are not recommended to undergo this therapy such as children under the age of 6 years and elderly citizens over 65 years. Children have small bones that are not yet firm, while older people usually have osteoporosis so that it is dangerous to do pressure or massage on the spine.


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