The Main Cause of a Failed SEO Strategy!

SEO strategy is important to win SEO competition, all SEO experts also agree on this. But building a good SEO strategy is not an easy thing. The strategy used should be able to adjust the Google algorithm which can change anytime without being noticed. Unfortunately, there are also many people who fail in their own SEO strategies because they do not use the best and trusted SEO Services. Well, give me some of the causes of failed SEO strategies!

1. Website Problem / On Page
The cause of your first failed SEO tactic is your own website. Your website has many problems or can be spelled out “not ready” with the SEO tactics you run. This may be due to your non-qualified website. How can SEO work if a managed website does not have the quality? The development of Google algorithm leads to rising SEO standards. SEO pay attention to the quality of your website, ranging from on page and off page SEO factors. Google concerns the involvement of users or visitors on your website. Website quality must have quality content to gain the trust of the Google.

2. The Wrong Backlink
There are still many people who do backlinks in an unnatural way to profit in SEO. Suppose that backlinks you do not relevant to your website, or could be backlink you do somewhat overdose. There are also those who choose to pay hundreds of thousands to get backlinks in a short time, but it could be backlinks obtained low quality. In order for a successful SEO plan, do backlinks naturally, natural, and not excessive.

3. Less Information about Google Algorithm Development.
Knowing the development of Google algorithm is necessary. Often times a change in Google algorithm that causes the website dropped from the first sequence on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), there are also deleted from the SERP. Not only that, many are complaining about their traffic dropped dramatically. Changes in Google algorithm can happen anytime and always kept secret. There are some websites that monitor Google algorithm changes that you can search for yourself. By knowing these changes, you can find out if your SEO tactics are correct or need to be modified.