The importance of the good ethics for the smokers

It certainly should not be silenced and left constantly. Through this paper, I want to make hope to the smokers to be a little sensitive and ethical in smoking. Do not cigarette lighter in front of others without permission, because not everyone can adapt to cigarette smoke. Many people have respiratory problems when they encounter cigarette smoke. Imagine how they suffer from their bodies when the harmful smoke enters the lungs through the breathing apparatus when inhaling oxygen in the air. The cigarette addict should be aware of it and be able to adjust in doing the activity of smoking. In the meantime, if you like to have the water-filtered smokes, then you may need to check out these water pipes under $100.

If we talk about human rights issues, then smoking in public places is one of the actions that violate human rights. Because through the activity of smoking we have disturbed the comfort and the peaceful life of others by polluting the air. Not only that, because the cigarette smoke that we breathe out arbitrarily can also cause disease and even death for others. For that, it is important for smokers to control themselves in running their smoking activities so as not to invite disaster for others.

In addition, the need for cooperation from various parties and elements of society to apply the moral values and ethics for smokers. For Civil Servants and academic staff, for example, there needs to be interference from government and policy makers in order to give strict sanctions for those who smoke in the office or in the school and campus. If necessary for those who smoke during work hours will be deducted salary or other sanctions in order to be a lesson for others. That way, smokers are much more ethical and can put themselves where to smoke or not. So we do not have to worry by the fear of the threat of cigarette smoke flying in the free air.