The corner or corner of the room in your home can be one of the areas you never thought of decorating. Yep, despite its remote location, the corner in the space serves many purposes and can have appeal if decorated properly. The corner of the space that forms the letter L is ideal to be filled with an angled table. With the addition of a table, this area can be used as a study or work area. Choose a table that has drawers for storing files and books, as well as a chair. Sometimes we need a place to be alone or just a place to hang out. You can make it happen by taking advantage of an empty corner in the residence. Place a thick comfortable rug and a single sofa and always keep it clean with a Carpet Cleaners North Shore.

Add a soft blanket and sofa cushions for added comfort. You can also replace the sofa with a bean bag or mini tent. You can also use this corner to have fun in your spare time. Add a book stand to keep your book collection neat on the table. You can also add a wall-mounted shelf so that you don’t place too many objects on the table. Surely you never thought of creating an additional clothes storage area in the corner of the room. Yep, you can maximize the angle of space to hang clothes. You can also add a shelf at the top of the hanger to place family photo frames to make the decorations look prettier. Besides, the lower part can also be used as a storage area for shoes, sandals, or other items.

Use a corner shelf in the corner of the room and use it to put wall hangings, family photos, or other knick-knacks. To create a different residential atmosphere, you can place a frame containing motivational or inspirational quotes to add to the aesthetics of the space. Want to maintain green plants in the room? The corner of the room is an ideal area for that. With the elbow shelf, you can place the plant pots in the corner of the room. Install 2-3 shelf angles vertically to put plant pots so that space looks greener. Can also place a large pot in the corner of the room. Indoor plants also help maintain healthier air.
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