The air quality of the lab greatly determines whether a laboratory is healthy and safe or not safe. Ventilation, both through the window and exhaust vents, is very important to drain air from the lab which contains a lot of gas from chemicals to the outside and replace it with fresh air. Inhaling lab air containing gas from chemicals for a long time is clearly not healthy behavior. In the meantime, if you’re also studying microorganism, perhaps you need the best medios de cultivo as well.

Dress yourself up as a laboratory assistant

When going to the lab, make sure you are dressed at a minimum with the following rules:

Use shoes that cover all parts of your feet. Shoes will protect the feet from falling lab equipment, drops, and spills of chemicals.
Long hair must be tied and trimmed. Long, loose hair can be a trigger for fires when you work in high-temperature labor can also be in a rotating lab.
Wear lab coats, gloves, masks, glasses and personal protective equipment (PPE) that are needed well, although the use of PPE will be rather uncomfortable.

Note the combination of chemicals that must be avoided

The combination of ingredients below has the potential for workplace accidents, therefore it should be avoided. Even if you can’t avoid the reaction, make sure you have made sure all the security aspects of the reaction are going well.

Sodium or Potassium with water.
Ammonium nitrate, zinc, and water powder.
Potassium nitrate with sodium acetate.
Nitrate with esters.
Peroxide with magnesium, zinc or aluminum.
Benzene or alcohol with fire.

Milk Consumption and Antioxidant Foods

After completing work in the laboratory, provide milk and food sources of antioxidants such as fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and tempeh. Milk acts as an antidote which minimizes the effects of foreign substances including chemicals that intentionally or accidentally enter the body. While antioxidants will prevent and help repairs, damage to body cells due to exposure to chemicals.


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