The Healing Power Of A Prayer

For certain people, religion and medicine do not seem to have links. However, having trust and hope in God, it turns out can bring unexpected health benefits. Many people doubt the miracle healing prayer but according to Torgeir Sorensen, a Ph.D. candidate from the School of Theology and Religious Psychology Center at Inland Hospital said, new research on this matter revealed that spending more time in the church could reduce blood pressure, even when several other possibilities were considered. In the study, church visitors were chosen as experimental variables, which represented the influence of religious activity on blood pressure and as a variable indicating overall health conditions, proclaimed by InternationalBusinessTimes.

Whereas in another study conducted by the University of California, in 1999 ago, researchers found that Mormons (spiritual movement later day Saint) were included in the list of the healthiest people aged 9 to 12 years longer, than other people in the United States (US). This is an effect of simple abstinence which becomes their lifestyle, for example, not smoking, not drinking alcoholic beverages, not drinking tea or coffee. In addition, religious obedience also adheres to restrictions on pre-marital sex, thus preventing transmission of sexual diseases, and fasting which is also beneficial for health.

When it comes to prayer, experts find that praying and spirituality are connected with better health. For example, reduced risk of hypertension, more positive feelings, reduced depression, reduced stress, more balanced psychological health, and better ability to handle stress are the effect of prayers. Even though as mentioned before that religion and medicine seems to have no links, but prayer does affect how the brain works. You may hear the expression “mind over matter” and that expression could be used to treat sickness or illness by prayer because it gives a positive energy a sick body and mind need. That is why prayer could be an important part of your healing process.