The good and bad sides of the manual transmission

In terms of the price of a manual car is not far behind the car, depending on the type. Don’t get me wrong even though it is considered an old-fashioned transmission as an auto predecessor, this manual car has the advantage of various aspects. For the engine, the manual car is indeed stronger than the auto. On the other hand, you can go to Transmission Repair Arlington TX if you need to get your car’s transmission repaired excellently.

Can be driven even on steep tracks, the pull and acceleration are no less good than auto. But for those of you newbies who have just learned to drive, it is advisable not to choose this type of car. Because the type of manual transmission type is quite complicated and requires precision, extra accuracy.

You must be able to balance the clutch pedal, gas, brake before changing gear. It is recommended to practice first until it reaches the advanced stage of driving manually, in order to minimize unwanted events when driving on the highway. On other components for gear can be adjusted, the driver of the manual car can adjust the car at the speed he wants.

For fuel problems, the manual car is more efficient in fuel consumption. Repair and maintenance of manual cars are more friendly, more affordable. Component components such as spare parts, engines, oil are also more affordable. Not too much oil change, because the manual is more friendly to oil consumption.

Indeed, there is a significant difference in determining whether to buy an automatic car or a manual car. There are many considerations in determining the choice of manual or auto type cars. The above considerations and information may not determine that the car is better than a manual or a manual car better than auto.

Decisions and personal calculations because it involves the long term, you better decide to choose depending on the needs, needs, and interests in using the car later. Calculate the profit and loss in the monthly budget and daily expenses, driving comfort, whether the road that is traversed can be conditioned by a manual or auto car. Then consider carefully before buying an auto or manual car tailored to your real condition.