The Best Leather Tote – Yaluxe Horse Tote

Yaluxe brand is an online brand that same like others. Yaluxe sells their product online and exclusively. Yaluxe has horse leather tote. Their tote becomes one of the best leather totes.

According to their name’s product, Yaluxe uses horsehide leather as a material of this best leather tote. It’s quite terrifying to hear that they use horsehide leather. But surprisingly, horse leather is softer and stronger than cowhide leather. They also polished the leather as a result, the leather becomes smooth. This tote has a good quality leather. Hence, the price of this leather tote is quite expensive. This horse leather tote is priced around $85.

Yaluxe really wants to makes their brand looks perfect, we can see from their stitches. Their strap is doubled cross stitched. They also provide a strap that a bit wider than other tote and also adjustable.

This best leather tote has a very simple design. This leather tote is a structured tote so it can stand on its own. They don’t provide feet protectors at the bottom but it is very nice stitched and its cross stitched.

This full metal zipper top leather tote has one zipper compartment on the inside, a few small pockets or slips on the other side and also a center zippered compartment that also used as a divider. They use crinkly material that similar to nylon as the materials on the inside of the leather tote. The materials they use on the inside is also washable.

This horse tote or also called the best vertical leather tote has a small zippered compartment on the outside. This 14x11x6inch tote is still looking small for some people. Actually, this leather tote can fit 13inch laptop or a tablet. Unfortunately, Yaluxe only provides three different colors. The customers will not have many choices for this leather tote.