The 4 Types of boilers

The heat given to the fluid in the boiler comes from the combustion process with various types of fuel that can be used, such as wood, coal, diesel/petroleum, and gas. With the advancement of technology, nuclear energy is also used as a source of heat in the Calderas.

Right now, we’re going to share with you some info about the 4 types of boilers that can be used in many sectors:

1. “Boiler Pot” or “Haycock Boiler”

It is the simplest boiler in history. It began to be introduced in the 18th century, using large water volumes but can only produce at low pressure. This boiler uses wood fuel and coal. This type of boiler does not last long because its efficiency is very low.

2. Fire-Tube Boiler (Boiler Pipe-Fire)

In subsequent developments comes the design of boiler flame boiler. This boiler has 2 parts in it, namely the tube/pipe and barrel side. On the barrel, side contains fluid/water, while the side of the pipe is the place of burning.

Pipe-flame boilers usually have a low vapor production speed but have a larger reservoir of water vapor.

3. Water-Tube Boiler (Boiler Water-Pipe)

Just like a fire-pipe boiler, a water-pipe boiler also consists of parts of pipes and barrels. But the side of the pipe is filled with water while the barrel side becomes the place of the burning process. This type of boiler has a high velocity in producing water vapor but does not have much water vapor reserves in it.

4. Combination Boiler Pipe-Fire with Water-Pipe Firebox

This type of boiler is a combination of a fire-pipe boiler with a water-pipe. A firebox in it contains pipes filled with water, the resulting water vapor flows into the barrel with a fire-pipe inside. This type of boiler is applied to some steam trains, but not very popular.